Meet EFCO Finishing – Mike D’Amato

Meet Mike D'Amato-EFCO Finishing's Custom Metal Polisher

Custom Polishing? Have you heard of it? In addition to the many finishing services that EFCO offers, one that doesn’t get talked about, or that is still a bit of a secret, is our custom polishing capability. We have a polisher on our team with over 33 years of experience in the industry – he’s worked at several polishing companies in addition to working in-house at several larger, local businesses. His name is Mike D’Amato.

Many of you who have had us do polishing work know that Mike is capable of transformational results. He can do everything from a #4 brush or directional finish all the way up to a mirror finish, what we refer to as a #8 finish, and everything in between. He takes great pride in his work, and there isn’t much he hasn’t encountered in his long tenure in the industry. His goal is always to get the customer what they are looking for in a timely fashion, and he takes great pride seeing his finished product heading out the door in that beautiful, glistening state.

With our move to Menomonee Falls, he also has a larger, better designed workspace that houses all of his equipment and supplies in one specific area. We have three Timesaver machines, three polishing lathes/wheels, and a stroke sander at his disposal to get the finish desired and the final product our customers have come to expect and love.

Mike is a great employee who is always willing to help out. In addition to his skill with polishing, he is also one of lead glass bead blasters in our cabinets, and can operate our scale and weight count parts for customer’s shipments. In general, he just likes to stay busy, and we know our customers appreciate this as it translates to quick turnaround times

If you have a project or job requiring polishing expertise, please give us a call or email us a print at We will also be glad to provide a sample of the finish at no charge. You will be happy you did, as Mike, and EFCO, will give you great service in a timely fashion!




Meet EFCO Finishing | Anthony Parsley

Meet Anthony Parsley: A Key Part of the EFCO Finishing Team

If you are a new customer, or one that has been around for several years, odds are you have come in contact with Anthony Parsley. Having started with the company in the late 90’s, he has worked in all areas of the company, is able to run all machines and processes, and currently oversees our Shipping and Receiving area as well as our Vapor Degreasing line.

Anthony is a truly dedicated employee. He’s most likely the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave in the evening, ensuring every truck has been loaded or unloaded before his work is complete for the day. In addition to the duties on the dock, he also is very valuable on the floor, where he assists with processing parts. He often serves as lead on the vapor degreasing line, ensuring that all the parts that leave EFCO are completed to our quality standards. At times he also runs our vibratory finishing, ball burnishing, tumble blast, table blast, and glass bead processes. He’s always willing to help others, or as he puts it, “he just likes staying busy.” We’re so grateful to have this dedication on our staff and be able to extend it to our customers, too!

Next time you are in EFCO, make it a point to say hi to Anthony, if you can find him. We are so glad he is with us, and hope he stays for a long, long time! We promise we’ll keep him busy!