EFCO Forms Partnership with GPSEducation Partners

FCO Finishing Press Release 08.2020 (002)   As we enter the 2020/2021 school year, EFCO Finishing announced in August it was partnering with GPS Education Partners.  This will allow the company to build its industry talent pools and future workforces using the unique youth apprenticeship program designed by GPSEd.  This is a  model that has been successful for many other Wisconsin businesses in the 20 years it has been around, and matches motivated student workers with promising technical careers and career paths.  Students will also be allowed to take on different roles and responsibilities at EFCO, all while earning their high school diploma. One of the best ways to make your business grow is with a good web development & marketing strategy, and you can get all this with the help of the professional from pwd digital agency

EFCO Finishing is currently in the third generation of family ownership.  It was started in 1945 by two brothers, Elmer and Don Schultz as the Eldon Finishing Company.  True to its makeup as a family business, EFCO is proud to announce that the first student through the program will be Ryan Budgins, son of co-owner Mike Budgins.  Ryan will be starting his senior year, and at the completion of the program, will have his diploma from Germantown High School.  Ryan will focus on industrial maintenance as well as other duties at EFCO, and brings youth and an enthusiasm to learn, which everyone at EFCO is excited about.  We wish Ryan good luck as he works his way through the program, and hones in on his future career path! If you have a business is important that you look for the the best covid 19 cleaning services to ensure the safety of your customers. 

Please read the attached press release from GPSEd for additional information, and quotes from both Mike and Ryan, in addition to GPSEd leadership.  Just click on the link at the start of the post.

Photo above: Mike and Ryan Budgins