EFCO Finishing Coping with Coronavirus

Since mid-March, the routine has been anything but “business as usual” at EFCO Finishing.  Numerous impacts have been felt, as they have for all companies, due to the global economy basically shutting down.  Thankfully, most of our customers in manufacturing have been deemed essential by the government and the Department of Homeland Security, and EFCO, providing a necessary service in order for the parts to be put into production, has also received this designation.  Parts are continuing to arrive for processing during the pandemic, although at a little slower pace.

We have tried our best to keep things as “normal” as possible, staying open our regular hours of operation,  7:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.  But there is now a new normal, with many procedures put in place due to the virus, and life is nothing like we were accustomed to.  Social distancing, face masks, limited in person visits, and virtual calls all appear as new ways of conducting business, and may be here for longer than any of us originally anticipated.  While this has been an adjustment period for all of us, we are trying to stay positive, and hoping some of the new ways are improvements over what was done in the past.

Our core production team remains in place, running out the jobs at a brisk pace. This shorter lead time is definitely a positive for customers.  We have also really tried to emphasize our ability to step in and help customers in this time of need, especially those who may have processed some of their own parts, but no longer can due to headcount shortages.

Working from home is another adjustment we have made, along with so many other businesses.  We continue this effort today, and are working diligently to keep all lines of communication open with our customers.  It is an odd feeling to not have the phones ringing, as they are forwarded currently.  

One major positive for EFCO during this crisis has been our ability to quote on parts for the medical industry, and the relief efforts.  We have worked with our customers on pricing parts for masks and PPE, along with ventilator parts, and are honored to play even a small part in helping our country and all those on the front lines.

During these unprecedented times, we all want to say thank you to our loyal customers who continue to send work to us.  We appreciate and value the many relationships we have formed over the years, now more than ever.  We remain positive we will get through this – TOGETHER!

Photo above: EFCO employees wearing facemasks to stop the spread