We have several jobs going on with EFCO at all times but one of the last hot ones (of which most are!) they got processed for us and special packed in only two days which was amazing and saved us from air freighting to our customer. Thanks!


EFCO for years has provided us with great customer service. I’ve always been pleased with the quick turn around and competitive pricing – even for our little custom jobs. I strongly recommend EFCO for anyone looking for a quality metal finish project.


In the process of product development and quotation Efco was able to provide samples of selective surface bead blast in a variety of medias. All of the options were completed in a very timely manner. Unfortunately we were not awarded the work. Efco has always gone the extra mile to provide very timely sampling and great service!


Efco did a blast job for us that needed to be done in a hurry and done right. Efco took extra care in the work and got it done in a short time frame and we were able to sell the parts to the customer and save a situation that could have been a real delivery issue if we would have had to re-machine the order.


We had a rush job we needed the laser oxide removed from the edges of the part without changing the surface finish. I had some parts delivered for a trial run and you came up with a way to stack the parts and run them through a blaster. It was a very quick turnaround that we might not have hit our deadline to our customer without.


We had a customer have a large drop in order of parts we supply to them. We normally have parts on our shelf that they pull from and had a small order in place for early November. When their customer dropped in the large order it took all of our stock. We had to turn another order in 1 week in order to make the ship date of the previously committed to order. We knew our portion of the manufacturing lead time, and also knew we would need parts turned from Efco in about 2 days. I contacted Terry and told him about our situation. He said that he would keep an eye out for the order and turn it around within 2 days. I told him when it was going to get to Efco, and he turned it around, just as he said. Within 2 days the order was out our door and on time to the customer. We truly appreciate Efco’s great customer service.


Recently had a HOT prototype job that required shot peen completed while holding the machine to make changes after shot peen completed. Efco completed the parts in a couple of hours! GREAT JOB!


We are repeatedly under the gun from OUR customer to produce some small S.S. boxes for them “sooner than the scheduled delivery date” this job requires 2 separate welding operations and then numerous finishing operations with the INSIDE of the box having to look better than the outside. Many times we’ve sent these units to Efco for a glass bead blasting operation, but the last time we sent these to Efco, we asked as politely as we could for expedited handling and they had them done days EARLIER than we asked for! We are VERY pleased with Efco’s solutions to our finishing problems and for their special handling or rush service when needed. Keep up the good work! Happy to do business with such a professional, local company.


Efco does and continues to provide a great service. The quality of the work is very evident and we appreciate knowing that the product we send there will be processed quickly and to a high standard.