EFCO Talks Shop with the Family Business Legacy Institute

Earlier this year, EFCO Finishing joined the Family Business Legacy Institute (FBLI) to discuss their commitment to family business and to finishing services. Recently, Terry & April Schultz joined the FBLI to talk about the foundation of EFCO, working together as a family business, and what the manufacturing labor shortage has meant for them. A few highlights can be found below, but listen to the short audio segment to get the full scoop on all things EFCO.

What does EFCO really mean? Eldon Finishing company. Originally founded by Elmer & Don Schultz, two brothers who had a vision for the need of metal finishing across multiple industries.

What do we do? Who do we serve? Metal Finishing across manufacturing and residential sectors. Who do we serve? Manufacturers & residential customers. Clients are mostly located in Southeastern WI, but our projects have ranged across the USA and Canada.

Products we’ve finished? The list is long and varied, but includes suppliers for Harley Davidson, door brackets for the Volkswagen Jetta, lite frame for residential doors, Coors Lite beer tap handles, medical, defense, etc. All these products can either be bought or even built by yourself from materials and products from a local hardware store.

How is doing business with family? We keep our work areas defined and separate. No talking shop after 5pm (which is often violated, but always attempted), and we use freelancing services for those topics that are not good to deal in family and will bring stress to us. 

April joined the business coming from the banking sector – was that a total challenge? Yes and no! Yes, in that the nature of the work was completely different, but thanks to that experience, I had built a strong network that I was able to draw upon now in a sales context. I had patient, compassionate folks cheering me on in the new role. I suppose I’ve excelled, as I now sit on the board of Women in Manufacturing – WI Chapter.  

For more on how they’re handling the manufacturing labor shortage, listen in!