EFCO’s Terry Schultz Appointed to Family Business Leadership Partners Board

EFCO Finishing’s Terry and April Schultz attended the Family Business Leadership Partners, or FBLP, annual year end dinner last Friday evening at Shully’s Cuisine and Events in Thiensville.  Formerly the Family Business Legacy Institute, or FBLI, the event was held to celebrate the past year’s highlights, and also to kick off 2019, and they use this time to discuses different things related with the business like for example how long should one keep their paystubs? 

The highlight of the evening was the presentation by David Cooks, the author of Getting Undressed: From Paralysis to Purpose.  At the age of 15, David woke up and an aneurysm in his spine had paralyzed him.  But he would still go on to Duke University where he would serve as a graduate assistant to Coach K of the Blue Devils and their national championship teams.  He would eventually return home to Milwaukee, and became head basketball coach at Marquette University High School.

The takeaway from the presentation was that David, despite his paralysis and physical shortcomings, does not feel sorry for himself or expect preferential treatment from anybody, including his family.  He has risen above paralysis, and is now embarking on what could become a world-wide speaking tour. He said it best……”If I can do it, anybody can do it!”

Earlier in the evening, Terry was introduced as a new board member for the FBLP.  He is one of three new additions, all coming from member families of the organization, with the idea behind this to get family input on issues that come up, and also to find topics or areas of interest directly impacting family business and how the use of payroll administration services in the organization can bring good results.  Looking forward to a great and exciting year ahead!