Wisconsin Manufacturing Summit on Building Great Teams

Last Friday, EFCO Finishing’s Terry Schultz attended the Wisconsin Manufacturing Summit, put on by the Independent Business Association of Wisconsin, and geared toward businesses in the manufacturing sector. Christine McMahon was the keynote speaker at the event, with her presentation titled, “Why Should I Work Here”.  Her focus was geared toward getting the right people on your team, and once you have them, the keys to retaining them. Three areas of emphasis include:

Company Culture – This is the identity of the organization, and how it engages with customers and employees.  Values drive behaviors and determines how the work gets completed.  Key initiatives she mentioned: simplify; invest in talent; and performance management (eliminating performance reviews and replacing with an on-going performance conversation.)

Talent Attraction – Her key points in this area included humanizing the company, personalizing the experience, building community, connecting candidates to the company, being inviting, and making it real.  She added that social media is an excellent way to attract talent, and if you’re not yet doing this as a company, it’s a missed opportunity to showcase your brand and personality.  

Talent Retention – 94% of employees with managers who care about them stick around. Companies with high trust cultures outperform low trust cultures by 300% as trust is a performance multiplier.  She also discussed reasons people leave their jobs, such as not feeling connected to others or their work.  Retention interviews are also a good way to avoid issues down the road: discuss what is liked most about the job, challenges faced, and how strengths and talents can be leveraged better.

Christine McMahon has held a variety of different sales positions and writes a regular column for BizTimes. It was a great way to kickoff the Friday with her expertise, and we’re excited to consider how her suggestions fit into our existing practices and determine how some could be added.   

EFCO Metal Finishing attends Wisconsin Manufacturing Summit


EFCO Metal Finishing to Attend Women in Manufacturing October Meeting

Kickoff Manufacturing Month with the Wisconsin Chapter of Women in Manufacturing Oct 7 (Wisconsin Club 6-8:30p) for an evening continuing our conversation on Leadership & the Emerging Workforce. Our meeting will feature Aleta Norris on “Living As A Leader”.  Our own April Schultz (Business Development Manager) is excited to attend this upcoming event!

Emerging professionals are approaching work differently. Have you noticed? Aleta Norris, partner at Living As A Leader,  will touch on the expectations and preferences of this generational group (roughly ages 20 – 35), along with the societal changes that are fueling their view of the world of work.

Women in Manufacturing Wisconsin - Leadership & the Emerging Workforce

Join us to learn:

  1. The ways in which upbringing and societal factors have impacted the expectations of this 70 million strong generation.
  1. Key information about generational expectations, the imminent (and necessary) transformation of workplace cultures and the impact of these issues on the futures of our companies.
  1. The fundamental tension that exists between the contemporary mindset of the Gen Y generation and the long-standing mindset of the Baby Boomer generation.
  1. Eight strategies for maximizing performance and retention of the Generation Y workforce.

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EFCO Finishing Service Spotlight: Ball Burnishing

Ball burnishing is another metal finishing service offered by EFCO Finishing Corporation with several machines available, ranging from small to large, with a wide variety of different shaped and sized medias.  EFCO can achieve your surface requirements and attain the luster, sheen and brightness your project calls for in a timely fashion at competitive prices.

This process works as follows:

  1. Parts are loaded into a circular style machine, similar in nature to our vibratory machines, filled with burnishing media.  
  2. When machine is in operation, the bowl sits on springs on a motor, causing the parts to rotate around the machine in a circular fashion, with the burnishing compound pumped into the machine on a continual basis, and the parts rubbing against the media.  
  3. Upon completion, a dam raises in the machine, allowing the parts to travel over a screen to get taken out, and the media to fall through the screen and back into the machine.  
  4. Parts are usually unloaded into wire baskets, inhibited, and centrifugally spun dry.

The burnishing media is made from case-hardened steel media, and as mentioned above, comes in many different shapes and sizes, to prevent lodging in the parts being finished.  The media texture is smooth in nature, as opposed to many vibratory medias that have abrasives built into them.  Because of this smoothness, no significant deburring will occur.  If anything, the burr tends to be rolled, or pounded, over.  This is an ideal process where surface requirements are the only critical factor, and not specific to any one industry.  Examples of industries served include metal stamping, die casting, tool and die, foundries, aluminum casting companies and several others.  Another possible effect is that the weight of the media can actually work harden the surface, or strengthen, the part.  This can again be ideal for a number of different industries, many of which were named above.  The compound is acidic based, and pumped into the machine on a continual flow, as this is key to achieving the sheen or luster desired.

At EFCO, we have burnishing machines readily available, with many different medias to achieve the desired results without lodging.  We have processed many different parts over the years, from small parts to large, and we can meet your needs in a timely manner, at a competitive price.  We will gladly process no charge samples, so you can see firsthand the range of finishes that are actually available. Contact an EFCO representative today for a quote.

Different burnishing medias available
Different burnishing medias available


Larger ball burnishing machine - EFCO
Larger burnishing machine


Ball Burnishing machine interior
Burnishing machine interior



Ball Burnishing machine exterior - EFCO
Burnishing machine exterior


Ball Burnishing machine interior
Burnishing machine interior