EFCO Finishing Attends Wisconsin Manufacturing & Tech Show

Terry Schultz, President of EFCO Finishing, attended one of the speaker sessions at the  Wisconsin Manufacturing and Technology Show last Wednesday, October 7, 2015, held at the Expo Center at State Fair.  The presentation topic was on leadership, and the two presenters were Jim Kacmarcik, President of Kapco, Inc., and Mark Tauscher, current broadcaster, and formerly of the Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers.  Some of the key takeaways from each speaker included the following:

Jim Kacmarcik, “Vision of a Leader”

Jim Kacmarcik, President of Kapco
Jim Kacmarcik, President of Kapco

Jim is very successful, and involved in many different businesses.  His message was that you have to stand for something as the owner or leader of a business, and you need to define mission.  All employees have hopes and dreams, and as leader, you need to convey a clear message to them, getting everyone on the same page.  Jim finally started to feel success a little later in his career when he realized that other opinions matter as much as his, and when he started to give more back to the community, making the focus not just on him.  As a company, Kapco tries to focus not just on bottom line, but on the experience.

Mark Tauscher, “Always Be Your Best”

Mark Tauscher at Manufacturing Month Event
Mark Tauscher, former Green Bay Packer, WI Badger

Mark spoke about taking ownership of your responsibilities, and about his journey to get where he is today.  He mentioned that everybody desires instant gratification, but you have to go through the “process” and endure the peaks and valleys along the way.  To have a good team, all contributors need to know their role, and work to improve both themselves and the organization. At a root of it all, they must believe in what you are doing. Opportunity will be there, and when it does, you just need to grab it! To conclude, he spoke about the main reason behind the Green Bay Packers continued success being leadership and how it permeates through the team, with everyone believing in the mission!

EFCO Finishing Service Spotlight: Tumble Blasting

EFCO Metal Finishing uses Tumble blasting as a method of abrasive cleaning or surface preparation commonly used to remove burrs, heat-treat scale, rust, corrosion, paint, and other contaminants, or to prepare the surface of the parts for adhesion. Not meant for all parts, this is a mass finishing process in which the parts tumble on top of each other along with a blast media of either steel grit or steel shot.  Ideal parts for the process are those that have been heat treated or hardened, and durable enough to withstand the part on part contact and continuous tumbling.

The process works as follows: parts are loaded into the chamber of the machine, onto either a rubber or steel belt. The steel belt is optimal for heavier parts and castings, as there is a weight limit for the rubber belts.  The door to the machine is then closed, and the parts are ready to be blasted.  The back of the machine has an elevator, which takes the shot or grit to a wheel, which uses centrifugal force to propel the media onto the parts at high pressure or force as they rotate on the turning belt. The media is recycled, falling through holes in the belt, with any dust fines picked up by the dust collection equipment.  This is considered an airless operation, as no propellant (gas or liquid) is used.  At the conclusion of the desired time cycle, the flow of media is turned off, and the belt continues to rotate, collecting the grit or shot, and in the process cleaning off the parts, which are then unloaded and repacked.

This process can vary considerably depending on the overall size and the number of wheels in the machine.  The first blast wheel was patented by Wheelabrator back in 1932, and EFCO has several different machines manufactured by them on site to provide the tumble blasting process to our customers, using a variety of medias to achieve an array of different results in a timely fashion. Don’t forget to always work with the best rubber distributor as possible, this one from California Industrial Rubber Co. is  one of the best one we’ve seen in the market. 

EFCO metal finishing's tumble blast area within the Butler WI facility
Tumble blast area at EFCO
EFCO Metal Finishing offers multiple types of tumble blast machines
A look at the inside chamber and rubber belt of a tumble blast machine
EFCO metal finishing has several types of tumble blast machines
One of several tumble blast machines at EFCO