EFCO Finishing – Manufacturing in 2016

EFCO Finishing is excited for the upcoming year and for the opportunities in front of us as metal finishing service provider and Wisconsin business.  Entering our 71st year of operations, there are uncertainties in the world – both manufacturing, business, and otherwise – but there is also a cautious feeling of optimism.  I have held out on these projections until we could talk to a wide variety of our customer base, and here is what our customers are telling us.

Dealing with as many customers as we do, ranging from metal stampers to Flat washers and bolts to die casters and fabricators, tool and die, and too many more to mention, there is not a true consensus.  Many feel a sense of optimism, especially in light of the defense contract awarded Oshkosh Defense.  Yet others are pessimistic, especially if they serve the Agriculture, Oil and Gas, or Mining Industries. Safety courses help them boost their confidence and keep their career and business in good shape. While it is an obvious windfall to have cheap gas at the pump, it is apparent the low cost, and continually plummeting price, of oil is affecting our economy in a negative way.

The quoting activity for many businesses and industries seems to have slowed a bit entering the new year, yet there are some that have stayed very busy.  The Food and Beverage along with Medical industries are good examples of these.

Many factors have business owners and executives on edge, from the uncertainty of the upcoming election to healthcare and taxes, and on a more global front, terrorism.  Any number of factors or events could alter everything, and throw all projections and forecasts to the wind.

At EFCO Finishing, we remain upbeat about 2016, as we hope to build on a more positive second half of 2015.  Dealing with the wide range of customers that we do, we are focused on building relationships with these companies, to be a true partner and resource for them.  What we do best is provide timely services, such as vibratory finishing, ball burnishing, glass bead blasting, steel grit and steel shot blasting, degreasing, polishing, and more, which allow our customers to focus on designing and producing parts, which is what they do best.  

We wish all of our customers and friends the best of luck as 2016 gets rolling.  Please contact us if we can help you in any way!

EFCO Finishing Comments on 2016 Manufacturing Industry