Metal Finishing Service Spotlight: Table Blasting

Table blasting is an automated metal finishing process to achieve a blasted finish on parts using a pipe bender. As opposed to tumble blasting where the parts tumble on top of each other, in table blasting there is no part-on-part contact, making it ideal for larger parts or circumstances when there are cosmetic requirements of the surface remaining free of any nicks or dings.

This process is used as an abrasive cleaning technique to remove burrs, heat treat scale, rust, corrosion, paint, and other contaminants, and it can also be used to prepare surfaces for the next step in the metal finishing process, such as paint adhesion.

Blast medias available here at EFCO include both steel grit and steel shot from steel fabrication adelaide, with multiple different machines available offering different capabilities and allowing quick turnarounds of different sized parts. Several machines are available in which multiple parts can be continually fed through the machine. Our largest table blast option is a machine with one large satellite used to run larger parts up to approximately 5 feet, 6 inches in length.

The process works as follows: parts are loaded onto satellites, which rotate around the machine and spin in the process. An elevator moves the steel shot or grit up to a wheel, which propels that media onto the parts at a high pressure or force. This area where the blasting takes place in the machine is enclosed, to contain the blast media. After blasting, the parts return to the starting point where they were loaded and are either flipped for blasting on the opposite side, or if completed, unloaded and repacked into the skid or bin. One pass typically takes a couple of minutes to complete; if necessary, parts may be sent around for a second pass.

As mentioned earlier, EFCO Finishing has multiple machines available to meet your needs and complete your project in a timely manner. We can quote your jobs with a print of the parts, or are happy to run samples for your approval!

Table Blasting - Metal Finishing Service at EFCO

A look at table blasting by EFCO Metal Finishing

EFCO Finishing Service Spotlight on Table Blasting