EFCO Finishing Service Spotlight: Vibratory Finishing

With many different vibratory finishing machines and medias available, this service is one of the core offerings provided by EFCO Finishing.  Machines ranging in size from one cubic foot up to 60 cubic feet, we can handle a wide variety of different sized parts.  A vast spectrum of different medias is also available depending on the finish desired, in addition to the different medias currently in the machines on the floor.

20 cubic foot vibratory machine.


An explanation of the process is as follows.  The vibratory bowl sits on springs, and operates with a motor, which causes the bowl to vibrate.  Inside the bowl is media, along with the parts you are looking to deburr.  Media is not always necessary, as vibratory finishing can also be done by doing a part on part, or self tumble operation.  In addition to the media and the parts, for some processes there can be a liquid, or vibratory finishing solution, pumped into the machine for a wet process.  The process can also be done dry.

Upon completion, parts are unloaded out of the machine as they go over a dam that is raised to allow the media to fall thru, or are picked out of the machine by hand.  Afterwards, they are dipped in an inhibitor, dried, and repacked.

Vibratory finishing is most often used as a method of deburring parts, as the vibratory motion of the media rubbing against the sharp edges of the part provides the deburring action.  But in addition to deburring, the following results can also be achieved: cleaning, degreasing, descaling, and burnishing.

With so many different machines and medias available, quick turnarounds are the norm at EFCO, with two day turns being standard.  Same day service may also be available……ask your representative.

60 cubic foot vibratory machine


40 cubic foot vibratory machine


20 cubic foot vibratory machine.


EFCO Finishing’s Women in Manufacturing Event Recap

Last week I posted about the Women in Manufacturing event that I was excited to attend. I wanted to report back with some reflections from the event.

First, one of the main things that continues to shock me is that despite making up approximately  47% of the US Workforce, women account for only 27% of manufacturing workers. There’s so much room for growth!  We really feel that women are manufacturing’s largest pool of undeveloped talent – just imagine the great contributions we’d be able to make if women were to realize their full potential in this industry!

Women in Manufacturing Summer Breakfast  Event with EFCO's April Schultz

Pictured, left to right:

  • Allison Grealis, President, Women in Manufacturing.
  • April Schultz, Business Development Manager, EFCO Finishing Corporation
  • Pam Hutchinson, CEO/Owner, NORQUIST Tool & Die

Women in Manufacturing began in 2011 and aims to support, promote and inspire women at all levels of manufacturing. Currently, there are over 500 members in chapters all across the United States, and as women of all ages learn of career opportunities, we continue to grow.

If you are a woman in manufacturing, consider joining WiM www.womeninmanufacturing.org or contact me directly at april@efcofinishing.com

Mark your calendars, as our next WI chapter event is Thursday, October 7th at 5:30 PM at the Wisconsin Club in Milwaukee. Stay tuned for details!