EFCO Finishing Coping with Coronavirus

Since mid-March, the routine has been anything but “business as usual” at EFCO Finishing.  Numerous impacts have been felt, as they have for all companies, due to the global economy basically shutting down.  Thankfully, most of our customers in manufacturing have been deemed essential by the government and the Department of Homeland Security, and EFCO, providing a necessary service in order for the parts to be put into production, has also received this designation.  Parts are continuing to arrive for processing during the pandemic, although at a little slower pace.

We have tried our best to keep things as “normal” as possible, staying open our regular hours of operation,  7:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m.  But there is now a new normal, with many procedures put in place due to the virus, and life is nothing like we were accustomed to.  Social distancing, face masks, limited in person visits, and virtual calls all appear as new ways of conducting business,  and may be here for longer than any of us originally anticipated.  While this has been an adjustment period for all of us, we are trying to stay positive, and hoping some of the new ways are improvements over what was done in the past.

Our core production team remains in place, running out the jobs at a brisk pace. This shorter lead time is definitely a positive for customers.  We have also really tried to emphasize our ability to step in and help customers in this time of need, especially those who may have processed some of their own parts, but no longer can due to headcount shortages.

Working from home is another adjustment we have made, along with so many other businesses.  We continue this effort today, and are working diligently to keep all lines of communication open with our customers.  It is an odd feeling to not have the phones ringing, as they are forwarded currently.  

One major positive for EFCO during this crisis has been our ability to quote on parts for the medical industry, and the relief efforts.  We have worked with our customers on pricing parts for masks and PPE, along with ventilator parts, and are honored to play even a small part in helping our country and all those on the front lines.

During these unprecedented times, we all want to say thank you to our loyal customers who continue to send work to us.  We appreciate and value the many relationships we have formed over the years, now more than ever.  We remain positive we will get through this – TOGETHER!

EFCO employees wearing facemasks to stop the spread
EFCO employees wearing facemasks to stop the spread

October is Manufacturing Month!

Friday October 4th is Manufacturing Day in Wisconsin.  We celebrate manufacturing this month as it is the backbone of our economy. For every one factory job, seven other jobs are created! Kurt Bauer of the WMC, or Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, shared his thoughts Thursday in a breakfast hosted by the Waukesha County Business Alliance.  Some of the key takeaways are below.

Jobs appear to be contracting in Wisconsin, with 4,000 jobs lost since January, and the lowest manufacturing job growth in 10 years.  There are 22 sub-sectors making up manufacturing, and some may already be in recession. There is also growing pessimism nationwide. There are three main components driving the contraction.

  1. A weakening global economy, especially in the EU and Germany, along with China.  
  2. The political climate.  In Washington, it is uncertain, and investors hate uncertainty.  Tariffs are having an effect, but many feel they are worth it if they can level the playing field with China.  And the lack of passage of the US/Mexico/Canada trade agreement, or USMCA, which is critical for manufacturing and agriculture in Wisconsin! On the state level, Governor Evers campaign proposal to eliminate the manufacturing and agricultural tax credits, as well as our Right-to-work status, could seriously weaken the migration of companies relocating to Wisconsin!
  3. A workforce problem, as there just aren’t enough people to fill all the open positions! We have 3.1% unemployment, and 4% is considered full employment! A 0.1% increase is projected in the working population from 2010 to 2040, which is contraction! One cause here is the reduction in the birth rates, as people just aren’t having as many children.

Overall, while there may be reason for concern, don’t panic. There are still a lot of positives out there!  Let’s urge our legislators to do the right thing not only for manufacturing in Wisconsin, but throughout the country.  Please don’t make it harder than it has to be!

Meet EFCO Finishing – Jim Pinkert and Duane Goetz

Chances are you have seen the EFCO truck making pickups and deliveries.  Sharing driving duties for us are two men, Jim Pinkert and Duane Goetz. And we could not be happier to have both representing us to customers and suppliers!

Jim joined EFCO in January 2007 after 40 plus years at AT&T. Over the last twelve years, he has developed rock solid relationships with our customers. He is our “eyes and ears” behind the scenes, relaying critical information to us. Jim has also developed a knowledge of our processes, and isn’t afraid to speak up if something is wrong. This is why he is known and respected by everyone he comes in contact with.

Duane joined us after we moved to Menomonee Falls in 2017, and also has had a very successful career in manufacturing. Companies where he has worked include Tower Automotive, where he served as a supervisor. He also worked at Bradley Corporation on the production floor in addition to driving.  He has a great work ethic, and it is very rare to see him in one spot for any extended period of time. Duane also has a witty sense of humor, which he uses to keep the mood loose, and those around him laughing, either at EFCO or on the road!

We are thankful to have both Jim and Duane serving as goodwill ambassadors for EFCO, and appreciate their efforts put forward on a daily basis! The next time you see them on the road, give them a friendly wave. I’m sure they’d appreciate that!

EFCO Drivers Jim Pinkert and Duane Goetz
Left, Jim Pinkert; Right, Duane Goetz

Meet EFCO Finishing – John King

Meet EFCO Finishing's Production Manager JohnKing, a key part of our management team

If you’ve called or visited EFCO lately, it’s likely you’ve met our Production Manager John King. He started with us in August of 2017, the same month we made our move to our new facility in Menomonee Falls, and brings valuable experience to our team, having been in the industry for close to 30 years!

John’s main responsibility is to oversee and supervise the men running the jobs. From scheduling work upon arrival, inspection during processing, and arranging shipment back upon completion, John plays a vital role. Whether the job specifies vibratory finishing, ball burnishing, blasting, polishing or degreasing, to name just a few of our services, John is involved in every aspect.

Much of his prior experience was in the heat treating industry. He worked at a couple different shops, eventually working his way up to Plant Manager. Over the years, John has worked with many different metals and alloys, and doesn’t get rattled with the odd requests or unique requirements. If it’s a new job, samples will often be run for the customer to review and approve, to insure everyone is on the same page. This also allows us to prepare an accurate quote, avoiding surprises when the job is complete.

If you have not met John yet, please make a point to stop out or give him a call, to discuss your upcoming project, or to get a status update on the work you have with us for finishing. We are happy to have him on our team, and hope you feel the same!





Meet EFCO Finishing – Mike D’Amato

Meet Mike D'Amato-EFCO Finishing's Custom Metal Polisher

Custom Polishing? Have you heard of it? In addition to the many finishing services that EFCO offers, one that doesn’t get talked about, or that is still a bit of a secret, is our custom polishing capability. We have a polisher on our team with over 33 years of experience in the industry – he’s worked at several polishing companies in addition to working in-house at several larger, local businesses. His name is Mike D’Amato.

Many of you who have had us do polishing work know that Mike is capable of transformational results. He can do everything from a #4 brush or directional finish all the way up to a mirror finish, what we refer to as a #8 finish, and everything in between. He takes great pride in his work, and there isn’t much he hasn’t encountered in his long tenure in the industry. His goal is always to get the customer what they are looking for in a timely fashion, and he takes great pride seeing his finished product heading out the door in that beautiful, glistening state.

With our move to Menomonee Falls, he also has a larger, better designed workspace that houses all of his equipment and supplies in one specific area. We have three Timesaver machines, three polishing lathes/wheels, and a stroke sander at his disposal to get the finish desired and the final product our customers have come to expect and love.

Mike is a great employee who is always willing to help out. In addition to his skill with polishing, he is also one of lead glass bead blasters in our cabinets, and can operate our scale and weight count parts for customer’s shipments. In general, he just likes to stay busy, and we know our customers appreciate this as it translates to quick turnaround times

If you have a project or job requiring polishing expertise, please give us a call or email us a print at sales@efcofinishing.com. We will also be glad to provide a sample of the finish at no charge. You will be happy you did, as Mike, and EFCO, will give you great service in a timely fashion!




EFCO Finishing’s New Home Taking Shape

EFCO Finishing’s new metal finishing facilities in Menomonee Falls took some major steps towards completion this past week. The new concrete floor with drains in the new “wet room” has been finished, and will soon have our vibratory finishing and burnishing machines sitting on it! We just need that concrete to cure before moving the heavy machines in place.

Several additional blast machines were also moved over to the new location, and we continue to have more services coming on-line, in addition to our blast room, which was mentioned last week. Our team is working diligently to get all equipment up and running as soon as possible so we can continue to offer the service our customers have come to expect. On behalf of all of us at EFCO, I’d like to thank all of you for your patience and understanding in this busy time.

Lastly, the exterior painting is nearing completion, and we now even have a sign on the building, should you have to make a delivery or pickup at our new place.

It won’t be long, and we will be in with our full repertoire of services available to you in a timely manner. Stay tuned for additional updates, coming soon!

Exterior of EFCO Finishing's new Menomonee Falls facilities Interior of the EFCO Metal Finishing office space completed wetroom floor at the EFCO Metal Finishing office space

Vibratory Finishing at EFCO’s New Home

Work continues on EFCO Finishing’s new location on Fountain Boulevard in Menomonee Falls, and this past week, the vibratory finishing area took some huge steps towards completion. The area of the building that will house all the wet processes, including ball burnishing, had the concrete floor removed so a new floor with drains could be installed. These drains will collect all the waste water from these processes and funnel it to our wastewater treatment tanks, where the water will be treated before discharging, a process that has landed EFCO on the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District’s honor roll as a responsible corporate citizen for several years running now. This past week, about three quarters of the new floor was re-poured. The balance will be poured soon, and will then cure for a couple of weeks before bringing over our arsenal of machines in early August. And right after that, if the structure would be rented, residents would have to move in with the help of Big T Moving & Delivery.

Other work in progress includes painting the exterior of the building by hiring the Gettysburg, PA residential paint services, as the interior of the shop and offices was done earlier and the exteriors needed diligence while painting. Electrical work to get our blast machine area running also continues, and this past week, our blast room re-opened and the first orders were processed at the new building. More machines will be coming on-line soon, and we will do everything in our power to continue to process orders in a timely manner! EFCO remains “Committed to the Finish,” both for your jobs and the completion of this project. When finished, we will have a great new home to provide even better, more efficient service than in the past. Stay tuned for additional updates soon!EFCO Metal Finishing installs new floor for vibratory finishing in Menomonee Falls, WI locationPouring the Vibratory Finishing Room floor at EFCO's new Milwaukee WI Metal Finishing FacilityEFCO Metal Finishing Continues progress on their new Menomonee Falls Location

EFCO Celebrates 70 Years “Committed to the Finish”

70 years is no joke. According to the Small Business Administration, the average lifespan of a business is about about eight and a half years. It’s safe to say that EFCO Finishing has surpassed the 8.5 year mark and is going strong.

How does a company make it to that many years? By continually striving for excellence and by being “committed to the finish”. EFCO is a true leader in the industry, bringing southeastern Wisconsin and surrounding areas unparalleled metal finishing services, working to find a solution for nearly any metal finishing job. We offer great service, take on short deadlines at competitive prices, and listen to our customers. We pride ourselves on doing the job right, on the first attempt.

At EFCO, 70 years has been achieved not only from great service, but by continually growing and improving. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified, emphasizing our commitment to quality and consistency, providing services that meet our customers, and ultimately their customers, expectations. And we are consistently on the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) Honor Roll, showing our dedication to the environment by properly treating all wastewater before discharging.

Part of continual improvement also means updating our website. We wanted to provide a site that was not only full of helpful information about our services, but that was beautiful to look at, easy to use, and made connecting with us a smooth process – whether it’s via social media, phone, or our Contact Form. We want to hear from you!

More than just our processes, we’re people who are excited to work in and contribute to our community. We want to be your metal finishing provider, and we’ll do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals and be your metal finishing resource!


We have several jobs going on with EFCO at all times but one of the last hot ones (of which most are!) they got processed for us and special packed in only two days which was amazing and saved us from air freighting to our customer. Thanks!


EFCO for years has provided us with great customer service. I’ve always been pleased with the quick turn around and competitive pricing – even for our little custom jobs. I strongly recommend EFCO for anyone looking for a quality metal finish project.