EFCO Finishing Pickup & Delivery Services

We have highlighted EFCO’s metal finishing services offered in past blog posts, but this post highlights the pickup and delivery services provided by EFCO Finishing.

As we concluded 2016, our company truck finally reached the end of its useful life, and was removed from the EFCO fleet. Wanting to maintain this valuable service to our customers, we had a choice to make: buy a new truck or enter into a full service lease. Partnering with our friends at Airoldi Brothers, we went the leasing route, bringing  a 2017 Hino 20’ box truck onto our staff. This allows us to focus on what we do best – metal finishing and let’s the experts manage the maintenance and well-being of the truck.

Having access to this truck earns EFCO a competitive advantage over other finishing companies. For example, we’re able to pickup and deliver parts more quickly, no longer reliant  on a common carrier. Also, we gain greater flexibility, allowing the EFCO logistics team to manage scheduling, rather than a third party who is not a strategic partner in the interaction. We’re able to adjust routes and schedules throughout the day, often helping our customers out of jams. By getting to know the needs and expectations of our customers, we can do our best to be there when they need us there. It makes us proud to have this ability to delight our customers and hopefully go above their expectations, and certainly above most the competition.

Serving southwest Wisconsin with a smile, our driver Jim is a valuable resource, getting to know all of our customers. Whether picking up the orders for vibratory finishing, ball burnishing, or blast, he hears firsthand what the requirements are, when parts are needed back on-site, and relays this information back to Jon in production. Our efficient, thorough, all-EFCO, start to finish process means a smoother, enhanced experience.  

Contact us today, or to schedule your next pickup, so we can prove to you we are “committed to the finish!”

EFCO Metal Finishing pickup & delivery truck

EFCO Finishing Attends Manufacturing First Expo

As Manufacturing Month continues in Wisconsin, EFCO Finishing has had the opportunity to attend numerous events across the state, re-energizing us as we start the final quarter of the year. “The Evolution of Leadership” was the topic presented by Mark King last Thursday up in Green Bay at the First Business Bank Manufacturing First Expo. Mark was raised in Green Bay and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Upon graduation in 1980, he joined TaylorMade, then a start up, and he was elevated to president in 1999 and CEO in 2003.  Under Mark’s leadership, they became the leading and most profitable company in the world.  In 2014, Mark was appointed President of adidas Group North America where he is in charge of all adidas and Reebok operations in the North American market.

Mark gave a very lively and entertaining talk on leadership.  Some of the highlights were as follows:

  1. If we continue to operate as we did in the past, it is going to be very difficult to be successful in the future.
  2. He asked what we are “aspiring” to be.  If we don’t aspire to be anything better than average, or just cut expenses, it will be difficult to achieve anything great.  You need to try to become the best. Write it down to achieve it, which he did at TaylorMade.  Behaviors have to change, as does mindset to achieve something great
  3. Disruption is part of today’s world, so who is going to disrupt your business? You or your competition?  Many leaders in today’s world are afraid or don’t know how to make decisions.  A great leader creates a positive environment and gets his people thinking about the future.

Some other takeaways include that employers have a responsibility to ask their employees to think, but then the employer has to listen!  Today’s really great employees are passionate, creative, and show initiative.  King also mentioned “speed” wins along with flexibility.  

Mark King & Terry Schultz at Manufacturing First Expo Green Bay


EFCO Metal Finishing Attends Manufacturing Expo Wisconsin

EFCO Finishing Polishes “Coolest Thing Made in WI” Trophy

EFCO Finishing was proud to partner with E. K. Machine Co. and polish the award presented Tuesday October 18 to Harley-Davidson for producing the “Coolest Thing Made in Wisconsin”, a contest sponsored by the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, to promote manufacturing in the state during the month of October, a month dedicated to bringing attention to the state’s  manufacturing industry.

E. K. Machine Company, Fall River, WI, one of our customers, produced the award for the inaugural event, and EFCO put the “finishing touches” on the piece, polishing it to a mirror bright finish, and making it a truly desirable piece for any company’s trophy case.

Mirror bright polishing is just one of many finishes applied by EFCO, and is the most time consuming, or labor intensive. It involves using a series of different belts on a lathe, starting with the most coarse, and progressively getting finer, putting the finishing touches on with a buff and color technique.  Other polishing options include matte or satin finishes, brush finishes, sanitary finishes, food grade polishing,  and more.  In addition to hand polishing, EFCO has the ability to apply brush, or directional,  finishes to flat pieces with their three machines manufactured by Timesaver.  These machines range in width from 12” to 52” in width.  A wide variety of different alloys are able to be run through, ranging from steel to aluminum to stainless steel, and more.

Unpacking Coolest Thing Made in Wi trophy which EFCO Finishing polished EFCO Finishing Polishes Made in Wisconsin Trophy EFCO Finishing Polishes Made in Wisconsin Trophy


EFCO Talks Shop with the Family Business Legacy Institute

Earlier this year, EFCO Finishing joined the Family Business Legacy Institute (FBLI) to discuss their commitment to family business and to finishing services. Recently, Terry & April Schultz joined the FBLI to talk about the foundation of EFCO, working together as a family business, and what the manufacturing labor shortage has meant for them. A few highlights can be found below, but listen to the short audio segment to get the full scoop on all things EFCO.

What does EFCO really mean? Eldon Finishing company. Originally founded by Elmer & Don Schultz, two brothers who had a vision for the need of metal finishing across multiple industries.

What do we do? Who do we serve? Metal Finishing across manufacturing and residential sectors. , Who do we serve? Manufacturers & residential customers. Clients are mostly located in Southeastern WI, but our projects have ranged across the USA and Canada.

Products we’ve finished? The list is long and varied, but includes suppliers for Harley Davidson, door brackets for the Volkswagen Jetta, Coors Lite beer tap handles, medical, defense, etc.

How is doing business with family? We keep our work areas defined and separate. No talking shop after 5pm (which is often violated, but always attempted).

April joined the business coming from the banking sector – was that a total challenge? Yes and no! Yes, in that the nature of the work was completely different, but thanks to that experience, I had built a strong network that I was able to draw upon now in a sales context. I had patient, compassionate folks cheering me on in the new role. I suppose I’ve excelled, as I now sit on the board of Women in Manufacturing – WI Chapter.  

For more on how they’re handling the manufacturing labor shortage, listen in!

Women in Manufacturing WI: Learn, Make, Market & Sell Event

EFCO Finishing’s Business Development Coordinator April Schultz recently attended Women in Manufacturing – Wisconsin’s “Learn, Make, Market & Sell” event which featured four local female powerhouses on each of the four topics. Not only is April the Events Committee Chair, but EFCO was a sponsor of the event, which made it all the more exciting for the company. The event was very well attended, and April noted that the reactions from the ladies were very positive.

A few highlights from the speakers.

  • Learn “To stop complacency. Get out and about. Hear people’s stories and make connections.” Beth Felch, WCTC
  • Make “If you can’t see it, you can’t be it” Mary Isbister, GenMet
  • Marketing “You cannot have enough feet on the street” Mary Scheibel, Trefoil Group
  • Sell  “Make sure what you do matters” Shannon Rantanen, Alro Steel

Speaker panel at Women In Manufacturing WI Event

Last, real leaders find good people, train them, and ultimately delegate in order to make sure the right folks are doing the right tasks!

Additionally, WIM announced a few new changes to their leadership team!

  • Chair – Antonia Stone
  • Vice Chair– Vicki Pinnow
  • Events Committee Chair – April Schultz
  • Membership Committee Chair – Teresa Schell
  • empoWer Committee Chair – Angie Hartline

The mission of WIM-Wisconsin is to elevate and advance the contribution of women to the success of the state’s manufacturing industry.

We are dedicated to:

  • Inspiring and encouraging women to pursue careers in the manufacturing industry.
  • Supporting and promoting women at all levels of the industry in the advancement of their careers.
  • Accelerating engagement among women across the industry and across the state.

We are committed to working in partnership with the Women In Manufacturing national organization to fulfill their mission to support, promote and inspire women who are pursuing or who have chosen a career in manufacturing.

Natalie Walters, Waukesha State Bank; Teresa Schell, Vive; Antonia Stone, Busch Precision; Linda Malwitz, Vive; April Schultz, EFCO Finishing
Natalie Walters, Waukesha State Bank; Teresa Schell, Vive; Antonia Stone, Busch Precision; Linda Mallwitz, Vive; April Schultz, EFCO Finishing


EFCO Mourns Losses of Thomas & Steven Schultz

It is with great sadness that EFCO Finishing Corporation announces the passing of Thomas Schultz, former president, and his brother, Steven Schultz, who served as vice-president.  Both men were both part of the second generation of the company, along with surviving brother Bob Schultz, and each spent 40 plus years working at EFCO, building it into what it is today.

Tom was the oldest son, and the first to arrive at EFCO, helping his father, Donald Schultz, get the company firmly established in the early 1960s.  He was a very “hands on” owner and president of the company, intimately involved in the operations and quoting, and overall management, of the business.  His goal was always to say “Yes” to the customer, and he would always find a way to meet their needs, even if said request was something the company wasn’t really doing at the time, or even offering.  His entrepreneurial spirit built the company into what it is today, and he was well known in the industry, with all of his travels throughout the country, acquiring most of the equipment still in service today.  After battling numerous health issues the past several years, Tom passed away on March 26th.  He was 76 years old.

Steve was the second son to join the business, and as Tom did before him, he did whatever it took to help get the business going.  Over the four decades, this included everything from operating machines on the shop floor to driving the company delivery truck, before finally settling into his position of handling the company’s financial and administrative affairs.  He too was instrumental in building the company into what it is today, guiding it through several peaks and valleys the economy presented the company over the years. Steve’s passing was more sudden, receiving his diagnosis of cancer in early March of 2016.  He passed away on April 5th, at the age of 72.

As the current owners of EFCO Finishing, Terry Schultz and Mike Budgins, along with all EFCO employees, wish to express their sympathy, and offer a sincere thank you to both men, for making our opportunity possible, and for everything they did for the company, shaping it into what it is today.  They will both be greatly missed.    

Tom Schultz
Tom Schultz
Terry & Steven Schultz
Terry & Steven Schultz

EFCO Finishing Attends Kapco’s Grand Slam Charity Jam

Kapco Metal Stamping hosted their annual Grand Slam Charity Jam at the Wisconsin Center in downtown Milwaukee this past Saturday evening.  As a vendor supplying metal finishing services to Kapco, EFCO Finishing was once again proud to attend, and help benefit the cause, Camp Hometown Heroes.  

Terry Schultz, President of EFCO along with April Schultz, Business Development Manager of EFCO were there, and had a great time.  There were some fabulous silent and live auction items,  great live entertainment, which ended with a performance by the Jacksons, and an excellent meal.  

The event was well attended, and a good time was had by all.  Most importantly, it seemed like a huge success in raising money for Camp Hometown Heroes.  If you have never attended in the past, I would make plans to attend the 2017 event now!!  It is usually held the first Saturday in March.


Entertainers at Kapco's Grand Slam Charity Event - EFCO Finishing


Terry & April Schultz of EFCO Finishing Pose with Jim Kacmarcik of Kapco


EFCO Finishing – Manufacturing in 2016

EFCO Finishing is excited for the upcoming year and for the opportunities in front of us as metal finishing service provider and Wisconsin business.  Entering our 71st year of operations, there are uncertainties in the world – both manufacturing, business, and otherwise – but there is also a cautious feeling of optimism.  I have held out on these projections until we could talk to a wide variety of our customer base, and here is what our customers are telling us.

Dealing with as many customers as we do, ranging from metal stampers to die casters to fabricators, tool and die, and too many more to mention, there is not a true consensus.  Many feel a sense of optimism, especially in light of the defense contract awarded Oshkosh Defense.  Yet others are pessimistic, especially if they serve the Agriculture, Oil and Gas, or Mining Industries.  While it is an obvious windfall to have cheap gas at the pump, it is apparent the low cost, and continually plummeting price, of oil is affecting our economy in a negative way.

The quoting activity for many businesses and industries seems to have slowed a bit entering the new year, yet there are some that have stayed very busy.  The Food and Beverage along with Medical industries are good examples of these.

Many factors have business owners and executives on edge, from the uncertainty of the upcoming election to healthcare and taxes, and on a more global front, terrorism.  Any number of factors or events could alter everything, and throw all projections and forecasts to the wind.

At EFCO Finishing, we remain upbeat about 2016, as we hope to build on a more positive second half of 2015.  Dealing with the wide range of customers that we do, we are focused on building relationships with these companies, to be a true partner and resource for them.  What we do best is provide timely services, such as vibratory finishing, ball burnishing, glass bead blasting, steel grit and steel shot blasting, degreasing, polishing, and more, which allow our customers to focus on designing and producing parts, which is what they do best.  

We wish all of our customers and friends the best of luck as 2016 gets rolling.  Please contact us if we can help you in any way!

EFCO Finishing Comments on 2016 Manufacturing Industry


EFCO Joins the Tool, Die and Machining Association of Wisconsin!

EFCO Metal Finishing Joins Tool, Die & Manufacturing Association of Wisconsin

Effective at the start of 2016, EFCO Finishing has officially joined the the Tool, Die and Machining Association of Wisconsin (TDMAW). Along with serving as a resource for the organization, EFCO looks forward to the many networking, educational, and customer interaction opportunities. The TDMAW was established in 1937, so it is a well established organization with firm roots in the community, similar to EFCO, which dates back to 1945!

EFCO, a metal finishing company in Butler, is a job shop focused on the deburring of parts, offering vibratory finishing, ball burnishing, steel grit and steel shot blasting, glass bead blasting, blastroom blasting, degreasing, polishing, and many more services.  Different from the typical member who is a tool and die or machine shop owner, the organization amended its bylaws to create a new category of membership focusing on outside services.  This fits well with the EFCO model, which is to be a metal finishing resource for our customers, offering advice and solutions on a wide variety of different needs.

The year started off with a meeting January 5th at Alioto’s in Wauwatosa, with Cathy Stepp, Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources Secretary, informing the group of what is happening on both the state and national level regarding regulatory and environmental issues.  Secretary Stepp, with her background in the private sector, was well received by the group with what she emphasized as a common sense approach to doing business.  Both she and Governor Walker continue to challenge the organization on ways to do things more efficiently, and effectively, for the business community and the citizens of Wisconsin, who are the DNR’s customers.

Terry is looking forward to meeting more of the group at future meetings, and participating in other events as they come up.


EFCO Metal Finishing Attends Local Manufacturer KAPCO’s Toy Drive

EFCO Metal Finishing is a proud member of the Milwaukee-area community, and it’s important to us not only to join other manufacturers in collaboration, but to support a variety of causes within the community. One of those partners is KAPCO, a local business that manufactures parts for a variety of different customers and industries, specializing in stamping, fabrication, welding and more.  EFCO Finishing is their metal finishing resource partner, providing them a variety of different services, from vibratory finishing to grit blasting to degreasing.

KAPCO held its annual Kids2Kids Christmas toy drive this past Saturday at their facility in Grafton.  Kids are encouraged to collect toys for those less fortunate, and every year, thousands are collected and distributed to those in need.  The KAPCO office is transformed into a mini North Pole, with a huge toy train on display, and one room dedicated to everything Barbie!  Other highlights include real reindeer, live music, cookie decorating, ice sculptures, and hay rides for the kids.

Terry Schultz, president of EFCO, makes it a point to attend this annual event with his children. “There is no better way to get in the Christmas spirit. And it is for a really great purpose, helping to brighten Christmas for local kids.  The great part about KAPCO and Jim Kacmarcik is that they are both really successful, and give back so much to the community.  He is really humble, and always thinking of ways he can help others.  They are a great company, and we value them so much, and like to join them in the events they host whenever we can.” If you have never attended, mark your calendars for 2016.  It is traditionally held the 2nd Saturday in December, with events at other locations as well.

EFCO attends KAPCO's Kids2Kids event

Toys galore at KAPCO's Kids2Kids event

Reindeer Spotting at KAPCO's Kids2Kids event

Ice sculpture at KAPCO's Kids2Kids Event!